Trump wins first debate, 5-4

Trump didn’t blow up.  Clinton she looked snarly.  She tested him, and he reacted but he didn’t blow up.

Trump won on jobs, fiscal control, law and order, trade, change, 10 yeas of inaction.

Clinton won on experience, race, establishment, foreign policy.

Not sure how increased taxes and additional regulations lead to 10m jobs (Clinton on Clinton’s plan) and tax cuts lead to 3.5m job losses (Clinton on Trump’s plan).

He went into weeds: Iraq; Obama’s citizenship.  He fell into traps there.

He should avoid personal attacks.  We know she’s a politican.  He should focus on positive policy.

She stooped lower than he: nearly calling him racist; hanging around beauty contests.

TV criticism digging into Trump.  I wonder if they are afraid what happens if he wins?  Re early lawsuit settled without admission of guilt.  He forget to say he was not racist.


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