Trump will Eat Clinton Alive – You Heard it Here First

I can’t wait.  

The future will take on the past.  The new will challenge the old.  The fresh will burden the old.  Trump, a straight talking, no-holds barred, simple fella will wrestle squirmey, slippery, Clinton to the floor.  That is the promise of Presidentidal debates – Trump v Clinton.  Trump, the businessmen’s growth engine versus Clinton, the apex of the corrupted political redistribution class.  It can’t get better than that.  

It has come to this.

She is quaking in her expensive, millionaires shoes when she thinks she has to face his gaze.  No matter how her campaigners say she wants to face Trump, she does not want too.  She has no defense, and he has nothing to lose.

The political system may not survive the ordeal.  The GOP might split should the contested convention even try to prevent him for winning.  Clinton is a vote for the status quo.  Even the sinking middle class does not want the status quo.  Trump cannot lose.  Her bluff about the black/women/student/poor vote is just embarrassing.  She is supposed to mean or stand for something.  She is not meant to represent the rag-bag set of voting blocks asking for more.  We all want more and we are all willing to work for it.  And we have to balance our books, why not you?

So what if he is a fire cracker?  So what if he is a risk?  The safe hands around him will prevent him from screwing up.  But I am not so sure he would screw up anway.  Only the ignorant and the left say he will blow up.  

Bring it on.  We need revolution.  Trump for President.  

He won’t last two years.  He’ll shut down half the wasteful government, put in place growth levers, then quit due to the continuos conniving double-talk and behavior that is needed in Washington.  So we can start again, with new parties, new alignment, and hopefully a humbled, moderated political class that actually works for us.


2 thoughts on “Trump will Eat Clinton Alive – You Heard it Here First

  1. Invisible Mikey

    LOL – I certainly did not hear it here first. It’s been the narrative of the Trump campaign for months! And if the current attempts to spin him into seeming more “Presidential” are an indication, there are no “safe hands” around that he will listen to. I’m no big fan of Mrs. Clinton, and I helped Bernie win in my state (WA), but I think she’s stone cold, and can take out Trump because he doesn’t prepare or plan properly. He’s got too big an ego, and he will underestimate both her abilities and the Democrats ability to unify after the convention.

    We can agree it’s going to make very watchable TV.


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