The Madness of King Obama

I read today in an Opinion piece inside the US print edition of the Wall Street journal: The Pay-Equity Police Get New Ammunition. The article highlights how President Obama is going behind Congress’s back by asking the EEOC to update a for as per of the Paper Reduction Act. Today firms have to fill out a form, an EEO-1 with 140 data points. The change Obama is making will expand this to 3,360 data points.

Firms will now, as of today April 12, have to report on employees by 14 different gender/race/ethnicity groups, within 12 pay bands and 10 occupational categories. Firms will also have to report the number of hours worked per employee, even for salaried staff. Firms with 50-99 people will keep he current form; less than 50 and you are exempt. For firms with multiple locations a different form is needed for each branch that has 50 or more people.

Some of the data are more maddening than the idea of the form itself. For example, one category is ‘professional’ which includes computer programmer, dietician, artist, librarian and editors.

The purpose, the article reports, is to help bureaucrats find and set new targets for ever more smaller and narrower segments of the population who, it is believed, are put upon by organizations and who must be subject to wage discrimination. Whether such discrimination exists or not is a good question, but how such blasé, broad and convoluted bureaucratic minutia will yield this behavior is beyond the pale.

The Fall of Washington’s legitimacy is complete. We are adding yet more red-tape in the name of social experimentation, just as the wheels come off the wagon. The elite are more interested in keeping everyone else busy wasting time rather than making forward profess. The madmen are making us count and measure useless details at a time that Empire is being challenged, and the Washington elite have no idea of the question being asked of them, let alone the answer.

In the words of Oliver Cromwell, “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”


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