Cruz Finagling for GOP Convention Votes Stinks. Backfire it Must.

The US print edition of the Wall Street Journal carries a depressing story today: Cruz Gains in Louisiana After Loss. It seems that Cruz, after losing a state caucus or primary, is finagling back room deals to steal votes from those specific delegates that will attend the GOO conference.
This is outrageous. I guess it’s predictable of a politician that is self interested, but it reeks of going over the ethical line. The population at large have voted; Cruz and his establishment are trying to undermine that fact.  

If the GOP convention is naturally contested, then procedures have to be followed. But Cruz has found a loophole. The logical choice for a contested convention is for the leading candidate to negotiate a win. Cruz is trying to bypass that process with his sleazy, smarmy handed, professional politicians hand. Trump should call the foul on national television and have Cruz excluded.

Now, where were we? Oh yes, how Donald Trump will beat Clinton….


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