The Donald – The Devil You Don’t Know is Needed

Holman W. Jenkins penned an Opinion piece in Wednesday’s WSJ titled, Why Vote for Trump? Mr Jenkins asks all the right questions and concludes all the logical answers for why we should not vote for Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is a bit of a firecracker; he seems rash, perhaps lacking reflection at critical times. Maybe he is a little too bolshy. But he is a can-do leader that can negotiate. And yes he may lack a political compass to secure the evangelical, the right, the center, the gun lobby, the anti-gun lobby, and so on. But hang on, what are the alternatives?
Washington is not very action oriented at present. Fiscal policy has brought our country to its knees while at the same time the Fed’s monetary policy tried to fill the vacuum that is Washington. With no tax code revamp, no real solution to healthcare (costs and efficiencies), no strong defense or foreign policy positions, no one in either party stands out from the bland crowd that is the establishment.  Cruz or Rubio won’t beat Clinton- she is wily and will win the female, Latino, black vote and the white minority will have only their Chardonnay to keep them happy. Trump can beat Clinton because he is not of her ilk, plan and simple.  Even the poor and downtrodden will yield to something difference since what Obama has offered has not worked for anyone but the politicians themselves: their healthcare is protected, their wealth and fortune are made, once they leave office, due to their ‘service to the state’.
Yes, Trump might be a strange president. Can we trust him?  Should we not counter balance him with have a strong establishment oriented Vice President? Maybe Cruz or Rubio can do that, or I still like the other outsider, Carson. Either way, we need to ruffle feathers in Washington. We need Trump. It’s a risk, but I’d prefer a risk to the predictable bland stalemate that we now have – just for one term at least.  I don’t think he will want to stay for a second term. He will hate the stench of politics. But for a few good years he will put the fear of Trump into the Washington elite. And a few foreign leaders too.  And he will push through reform the country so badly needs yet cannot secure with the establishment in control.  That is what we need.


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