President Obama’s State of the Union Address: a passable “B” grade (show) but “C-” (content)

Did you see, even once, leader of the house Paul Ryan clap and support anything the President said?  I saw him nod once or twice, but no standing or clapping.  I wonder how much partisanship is really working right now.  In all the past State of the Union addresses I have seen in the last 20 years, I have noted that speakers from both sides have clapped, at some point during the speech.  Not this year.  I think Speaker Ryan was seething and just hoping, just hoping, that this was the last Democratic State of the Union address for a few years.  He didn’t want to be there.  

I correct myself.  Ryan did clap at the point from Obame: we should reject any politics concerning religion and race.  

When Obama said, “there is red tape that needs to be cut” he got everyone to cheer and stand.  But the Democrats just don’t get it.  Elsewhere he said, we need to strengthen Medicare and Medicaid.  How will this be paid for?  By increased taxes?  By printing money?  The Democrats have completely missed a beat and don’t get it.  Worse, they will claim that such comments are politically motivated attacks.  They are not – they are basic economics.  The lie is alive and well that big government will look after you.  I just wish we could fire half the politicians in Washington, save ourselves some money, and get on with the real work that takes place in the private economy.  

I  did like the idea of the focus on a cure for cancer.  But I just hope the government encourages private sector innovation, not public sector selection of winners and losers.  As to climate change, the Democrats are on the side of themselves.  We do need to clean up our act and reduce our impact on the environment.  But again, we need the private sector to be motivated with innovation and development tax brakes, not cenralist public sector mandates and dodgy investments in wacky ideas.  Again Obama said the US is the most powerful nation in the world.  So why was France, a key partner, attacked recently?  What has investment in the military got to do with this?  The military are the finest in the world, but the war we face is not bound by military rules.  

What was that that Obama said about the House voting on taking military action against ISIL?  The Democrats stood up and cheered; the Republicans didn’t stand.  I thought the Republicans wanted to be more aggressive…  This didn’t make sense.  The claims concerning the Iran deal are just a joke.  Just because there is some data that says Iran has stopped some bomb work does not mean that Iran has stopped developing a bomb.  Oh, peace in our time, all over again.   

There were several guarded attacks by Obama on each of the Republican candidates for that parties nomination.  Did you spot them all?  There were great words – as expected – concerning the need to respect each other’s views.  He was honest: rancor between the parties has gotten worse under his presidency.  Obama is right.  But then his resolution was to carp on with Democratic complaints about Republicans: make it easier to vote (as they Republicans want to do this for legal citizens).   He almost sounded human at this time.  But he moved on, quickly.  But only after Nancy was caught swiping the expensive watch on her write.  Does Nancy Pelosi have an Apple iWatch? 

Lastly, you have to give it to President Obama.  He is a brilliant orator.  And history is littered with a long list of leaders that have the skills Obame possesses.  Unfortunately many used their skills for evil and negative results.  Obama is not quite that bad but his socialist politics should have been put to bed years ago.  His clever use of words and powerful rhetoric is excellent and have been a powerful weapon – the force is strong with this one.  Every time I listen to him for more than 20 minutes I feel myself drawn to his argument as if they were believable.  That is the power of Obama.


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