Trump likely to get bump in lead with commitment to Republican Party

Trump improves position; Christie steps up; Rubio and Cruz fighting over scraps; Carson trips; Fiorina imperious but sounding annoying with one liners; Bush looking like a politician in a hurry.  Kasich distant.

Here are my initial thoughts on the CNN Las Vegas republican presidential debate.

Quite a wide open, mostly tit for tat, jest. Finally Rubio Beas Cruz over funding the armed forces and American citizens that elect to join ISIS.  

Donald was was steady.

Bush looked like a man in haste. Twice he jumped on Trump with harried comments. Trump hit s right hook when Bush interrupted twice and had to be put down. Bush landed a defensive blow with, “You can’t insult your way to the White House”, but it was too little, too late. Bush needs to leave the race, not drag on. Trump needs to learn how to avoid rudeness.

Ben Carson did a nice save.

Carlie Fiorina invoked one of my idols. Margaret Thatcher. So she scored a point there. However she didn’t answer the question other than suggesting a return of the warrior class of generals.

Chris Christie correctly suggests that trust in the president role is key. Not sure the podium really grasped this nettle.

Ted Cruz referred to a purple unicorn. Are non-purple unicorns more likely?  Assad needs to go. It matters not what replaces him. It can hardly be better.

Ben Carson sounded like a British foreign policy expert in 1914. The Middle East has been in turmoil for a thousand yeas. A few bombs and a regime change won’t solve things.

Carson sinks on a trip about dodgy republican leadership.


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