GOP Debate: Trump Trips; Carly-Come-Lately; Paul/Cruz Win

Fox Business Network Wall Street Journal GOP Presidential Debate November 10 2015

It was with pleasure that I sat in an airport and listened and watched the GOP republican presidental debate.  It seems we are getting more interesting response and dialog between the candidates.  Here are a number of observations and my usual summary of how the runners are shaping up.

I think Rand Paul did well tonight.  Ted Cruz too.  Trump tripped, and Carley is now “Carley-come-lately”.  Rubio did OK – Kasich didnt stand out and Bush didnt lose any points.

It was clear that the IRS might get closed down; and the Department of Commerce too.  We might get a smaller governement.  And correctly painting Hilary Clinton as the emodiment of crony government should be a good message.

Trump tripped up: asked about TPP (recent Pacific trade deal) attacked China.  Rand Paul highlighted how China is not part of the TPP.  Ooops.

Re: Tax plan review. Some good points against Democrats. All for cuts.  Seemed consistent.

Rubio’s investment in children idea should attract tax credit like capital investment.  Why not?  Rand Paul attacked this “liberal” approach.

Ted C said he would kill off IRS, department of commence.

Re Foreign policy: Trump keen to “go in” all around the world. He says US should not be world’s policemen. Bush- not policeman but leader.  They seemed tio agree overall.

Carly was Carly. Come in late and clean up to win the arguments. Carley-clean-lately.  Her usual ploy.  Can someone ask Carly to respond to a question first?

Jeb Bush. He didn’t seem to trip up as much before.  But he didnt win any points.  He just didnt lose any points.

John Kasich- turned up, just. Didn’t hear from him in 90 mins. He cleverly tried to answer three questions with one answer.

Re financial Crisis. Do we save the banks again? Bush: turned toward anti regulation and attacked Clinton. Ben Carson: the creep of regulation is now a stampede. And regulation hurts the poor more. It drives up costs that poor folks see.

Paul: In 100 years since independence US became the largest economy in the planet.

Repeal Dodd-Frank.  

Carly- repeal Obamacare and replace with local state level insurance.

Cruz – back to gold? Won’t work. Claims gold standard led to low inflation and high growth.

Kasich- saving a bank. Pick winners and choosers: hard working savings to be saved, and those that can afford it will loose. Kasich sank his ship.  Carly-came-in-lately. Avoided finishing off Kasich; went for socialism and Dodd-Frank.

This is how I see the GOP “race” right now:

  • Front runner, but the lead cut down and only leading by a nose: Trump.
  • Second: Ben Carson, up from fourth, closely followed by Rubio and now joined by Cruz.
  • Sixth: Fiorina, tiring, looking predictable (Carly-come-lately).  Rand Paul improving.
  • At the back: Christie, with Huckabie on his shoulder, and Kasich.  Bush (looking finished).

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