The Economy, IMF, university for all, and Vulcan Bombers. Why Not?

Fed’s Dudley: The Economy might be slowing  – CNBC, October 15th – no kidding.

Ben Bernanke: This is what’s weighing on US economy – CNBC, October 5th – Bernanke get’s real and fesses up to the need for inflation to be at 2% before interest rates go up.  Yep.

The last flying Vulcan bomber aircraft will not be able to take to the skies after the 2015 display season – BBC, May 29 – A majestic if historic delta wing-based bomber finally goes to rest. You have to feel your own chest cavity vibreate when that little puppie hits the after burner!  Such beauty, one last time.

Working Paper: Managing the Fed’s Liftoff and Transmission of Monetary Policy – IMF, Sept 29th – interesting paper.

Candidates don’t Realize the US ‘is bankrupt’ – CNBC, August 4th – If you ran your houshold budget like this lot, the bailiff would have taken everything by now.

University was never meant to be for everybody – Telegraph, August 19th – so true but expectations and those in favor of “equal outcome” will argue with this one.


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