Sponsors Give up On Blatter – It’s About Time He Should Give Up, and Get Out

Sep Blatter, FIFA chief, has been covering up his crooked empire for too long.  Just the other day we heard that he was facing criminal charges.  For all the smoke and mirrors in the last 10 years it has been clear that this crony-oriented leader should have been removed.  Finally the sponsors (McDonalds and Coke-Cola),those large corporations whose money ends up in Blatter’s pockets (and his crony’s), have had enough of him.  He has to step down.  I would think that anyone at Fifa that does not have their hands in the till should seek to have him removed, even fired, immediately.  The fact that he is still there is a complete joke and calls the management of the game into disrepute.  He has been unfit for leadership of an organization that oversees the biggest sport on the planet for too long.  He needs the red card, and now.


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